Half A Million Steps


Why does Australia have seven times as many overdose deaths as Portugal, a country which has decriminalised drugs and instead views addiction as a health issue?

One day an Australian church decided enough was enough. They embarked on a pilgrimage to promote the decriminalisation of personal use for all drugs. In doing so they became the first church in the world to publicly campaign on such an issue.

In Half A Million Steps we follow 100 activists– all with a personal or professional connection to the issue - as they walk 400km, from the small outback town of Dubbo, to deliver a letter to Parliament House in Sydney (the distance a Dubbo resident would have to travel to receive drug treatment).  

Presented by one of Australia’s most acclaimed addiction specialists, Half A Million Steps is a secular account of their journey.



Dominic Streeter

Director of Photography: 

Richard Boon


Matthew Perrin

Samuel Phibbs

Samuel Sheldon

Aerial cinematography:

Richard Boon, Evan Zell

Publicity photography: 

Nigel Brunsdon


Chris Hailles

Assembly edit:

Daniel Gajjar

Executive Producer: 

Bronwyn Seneque

Music and sound design:

Adam Daffurn


Alex Hogan

Elizabeth Gal

Assistant producers:

Marianne Jauncey

Stafford Saunders

Jon O'Brien


Horia Dragoi

Narrated by:

Marianne Jauncey


Liz Barrett

Prof Alison Ritter

Kristen Smyth

Susanne Porter

Alissa Greer

Dr Caitlin Hughes