Feel The Burn

Two firefighters with severe PTSD run the gauntlet of the Saharan desert to raise awareness of men's mental health.

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To the outside world, Lee and James are hard as nails.

In their daily work as firefighters north of London, they plunge fearlessly into life-endangering situations, to save the lives of others.

Now they get ready to feel the burn in an altogether different inferno; running over 150miles in six days through 50 degree sub-Saharan heat, to raise awareness for men's mental health.

Over 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with a mental health condition and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 35. Studies show that men have measurably lower access to social support from friends, relatives and community.

Feel The Burn is a beautifully shot feature film, designed to give give young males the positive message that it's good to talk. If macho firefighters can open up about their mental health, we all can.