The Promised

The Promised Land

Shot before the 7 October Hamas attacks escalated conflict in the Middle East, this film is an impartial look at the region, seeking to understand and scrutinise positions on both sides of the Israel / Palestine divide.

About the film

The film is set in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the access includes politicians (both at the Knesset and inside the Palestinian Authority), the Israeli Defence Force, Zionist settlers, Palestinian protesters and a member of Islamic Jihad.


Monochrome image depicting a young caucasian Jewish adult man in his 30s inside a synagogue. He has his head bowed in prayer and he is wearing the traditional Jewish skull cap - otherwise known as a kippah or yarmulke - on his head. The man has a beard and the background of the synagogue is blurred out of focus. Horizontal color image with copy space.

The live action footage is also dramatic: in one scene the film’s Director is shot by tear gas (on camera) and we see armed conflict unfold in the streets.


Duration: 60 minutes