Half A
Million Steps

the long walk to treatment

Why did an Australian church become the first in the world to campaign for all drugs to be legalised?


100 activists walk 400km through rural Australia to find out.

featured scenes

  • Dubbo resident Shantell meets Sir Richard Branson

  • Fire illuminates their faces as they chat

    Personal stories get shared around the campfire

  • Close-up hand of boxer at the moment of impact on punching bag over black background. Strength and motivation. Studio shot

    Boxing champ reveals family addiction turmoil

  • “Half A Million Steps is an amazing film which powerfully highlights the postcode lottery of drug treatment in New South Wales. I urge everyone to watch it.”

    - Sir Richard Branson

australia has 7 times as many overdoses as portugal

Why does Australia have seven times as many overdose deaths as Portugal, a country which has decriminalised drugs and instead views addiction as a health issue?


One day an Australian church decided enough was enough. They embarked on a pilgrimage to promote the decriminalisation of personal use for all drugs. In doing so they became the first church in the world to publicly campaign on such an issue.

  • In Half A Million Steps we follow 100 activists– all with a personal or professional connection to the issue – as they walk 400km, from the small outback town of Dubbo, to deliver a letter to Parliament House in Sydney (the distance a Dubbo resident would have to travel to receive drug treatment).

  • Presented by one of Australia’s most acclaimed addiction specialists, Half A Million Steps is a secular account of their journey.

half a million steps walked, three hundred & five million dollars raised